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Requires Mac OS X 10.4+.
We suggest using the latest version of iTunes.

9/08/2010: Release v2.9

This update was released to stay compatible with iTunes version 10.0.

3/30/2010: Release v2.8

This update was released to stay compatible with iTunes version 9.1. Any user who has upgraded to iTunes 9.1 will need to upgrade to iConcertCal version 2.8.

9/15/2009: Release v2.6

This update is mostly to fix two bugs. For Windows users, this update includes a fix for a bug where passwords were not being saved correctly for some users and would sometimes show up as empty fields when restarting iTunes. For Mac users, this update includes a compatibility fix for the iCal export feature in Snow Leopard.

7/23/2009: Release v2.5

We haven't had an update in a while due to the focus on iConcertCal for iPhone. We're happy to announce that the iPhone version was recently accepted and can be found on the App Store! Release 2.5 of the desktop version provides a sync feature so that the iConcertCal for iPhone can customize concert results based on all your music, not just the music on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Please check it out!

12/04/2008: Release v2.2

With this new release we have incorporated concert ticket sales via Ticketmaster UK in addition to Ticktmaster US. Buying tickets is easy through iConcertCal, and helps support further developement. Other changes include: better integration with Vista and better overall performance in the UK. Also, with this release, you may notice some preparation for a version of iConcertCal for iPhone (we have added an additional tab to the preference window to handle iPhone syncing). We are working very hard to get the iPhone app out as soon as possible!

09/18/2008: Use iConcertCal to buy concert tickets!

You can now use iConcertCal to buy tickets for the concerts you are going to. Simply click on any of the shows in your calendar and iConcertCal will take you directly to the ticket purchasing site. We have direct links to Ticketmaster and we are actively working on providing links to other major ticketing companies.

09/02/2008: iConcertCal Total Downloads Pass Quarter Million!

With the 65,000+ people who have downlaoded version 2.1 in just the past 2 weeks, our total download count of iConcertCal has now blown past the quarter million downloads mark! To date, iConcertCal has been downloaded 313,438 times (and counting). Brandon and Jeff still have lots of great ideas and ways we are planning to improve iConcertCal and we appreciate all the great feedback we have received. Thanks to everyone for telling their friends and spreading the word about iConcertCal!

08/14/2008: Release v2.1 (Official)

We are excited to announce that we have released version 2.1 of iConcertCal. We can't believe it has been over a year since our last major release! In this new release, we have incorporated a small notification window that appears briefly whenever you play an artist in iTunes that has an upcoming concert or album release. For Mac OS X you can use the built in notifier or Growl. Mac OS X Leopard users can again export to iCal. We have also fixed several bugs and made several speed improvements.

07/27/2008: Release v2.1 BETA 2 for Mac OS X (Leopard Support)

We are very close to an official release of iConcertCal v2.1. We've made numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements since the last beta, and thought it would be a good idea to post one more beta before the official release. Please download the beta here and let us know if you have any problems or suggestions.

03/25/2008: Release v2.1 BETA for Mac OS X (Leopard Support)

Finally! A beta release that fixes iCal exporting when running 10.5 Leopard. Please download it here. Also included in this new version is a notification system that displays a small pop-up window with information about an upcoming concert or album release when you start listening to that band in iTunes. As an alternative to the built in notification system, we've also included Growl support! If you don't know what Growl is, I highly recommend you check it out at www.growl.info.

02/21/2008: Release of iConcertCal Facebook App

We made a Facebook app for iConcertCal! Click here to add it to your profile.
The app will let you automatically display your upcoming concerts directly on your facebook profile. The first step is to download and install iConcertCal by clicking here. Then all you have to do is enable sharing and then click here to add the Facebook app.

08/02/2007: Release v2.0

Today we are releasing a major new version of iConcertCal. This new release builds on the power of the initial release by now including cd release dates (with links to pre-order albums) as well as the ability to share your personal concert calendar with your friends and find other concert goers in your city. Here are the highlights of the new features available with version 2.0:
  • A new calendar of upcoming album release dates for artists in your library
  • Provides links to pre-order upcoming albums
  • Lets you share your calendar with your friends
  • Lets you see your friends' calendars
  • Lets you highlight shows you care about for easier reading (and to share selected shows only)

06/27/2007: New Version Coming Soon

In a few weeks we will be releasing iConcertCal version 2.0! The new version will have an upcoming cd releases feature that will have a tab with all of the upcoming cd release dates for artists in your library. Also, this upcoming release of iConcertCal will have a sharing feature where you can highlight and share concerts you are interested in with your friends and also see your friends concerts. Check back in a few weeks for this new version!

03/30/2007: Downloads Milestone

iConcertCal has now been downloaded more than 100,000 times!

03/30/2007: Release v1.2

Version 1.2 is now available! There have been a lot of improvements over version 1.1 and everyone should upgrade. iConcertCal now:
  • Has greatly improved concert listings in North America thanks to a new feed from CelebrityAccess.com
  • Has greatly improved concert listings for the UK thanks to a new feed from NME magazine
  • Allows calendar exporting to iCal format
  • Allows you to add concerts that are missing
  • Lets you specify exactly which iTunes library you want to monitor (for those of you who keep you library on a central server)
  • Has an easy way to list extra artists to either include or exclude in your searches
  • The city and state of the venue are now displayed in the header information
Also, we have made a large number of important bug fixes that make this version of iConcertCal much more stable and perform better than earlier versions.

03/29/2007: CelebrityAccess and NME to the rescue!

CelebrityAccess.com has graciously offered iConcertCal a direct feed of their concert listings. CelebrityAccess has an impressive and extensive concert listings database for shows in North America and their feed will have a noticable effect on the power of the iConcertCal search for those of you in the US and in Canada. Thanks to CelebrityAccess for being a part of iConcertCal!

We also now have a direct feed from NME magazine's Gig Guide. The shows provided by this site will double the concert coverage that we had for the UK with the previous version of iConcertCal! Thanks NME!

02/28/2007: Featured Download on Apple.com

We have seen an incredible surge in downloads over the last few days (about 5 downloads per minute) due mostly to being selected as the Featured Download and Staff Pick on Apple.com. Thanks to the staff at Apple for noticing us and telling others about iConcertCal.

02/24/2007: Downloads Milestone

We just checked the numbers and realized that iConcertCal has now been downloaded more than 50,000 times!

02/20/2007: Pollstar Declines... But we continue to grow!

We recently spoke with Pollstar.com and they have decided that they are not willing to let us use their data unless we pay them a yearly licensing fee. We respect their wishes and iConcertCal no longer searches their site for concert info. Some users (particularly international users) may temporarily notice a few less shows in their calendars... but we can assure you that this is a temporary setback. We continue to receive an incredible response from practically every other major database site on the web. And we are currently working on incorporating a few more very large sites into our search. One of the sites we are adding is particularly strong for international searches, so stay tuned for a new release that will be bigger and better!

02/10/2007: Release v1.1

Version 1.1 is now available! Is upgrading worth it? Yes! And we recommend that all users upgrade. iConcertCal now:
Also, we have made a very large number of important bug fixes over the last few weeks that make this version of iConcertCal much more stable than version 1.0.
Thanks to everyone for making iConcertCal such a success in such a short period of time. It is completely through word of mouth and blog postings that people have been finding out about iConcertCal. And it has been downloaded more than 33,000 times in just the last three weeks!

02/06/2007: New Version Coming Soon!

We are working hard on version 1.1. Looks like we underestimated the work that had to be done. But have no fear, iConcertCal v1.1 is definitely very close. We are thinking, realistically we will be able to post it this Sunday (Feb 11th). The new version is going to be MUCH more stable thanks to all the great bug reports people have been sending us. But more importantly, the searching capability will be much more powerful as well as a new "Radius Search" feature that allows you to say how far you are willing to drive to see a show! And... the new version will support international searches! If you are already using version 1.0 then you your plugin will notify you when the new version is available. So keep an eye out. Or just check back soon!

01/29/2007: Thanks!

Thanks to a recent posting in lifehacker we have been getting an overwhelmingly great response from people who have tried iConcertCal. In the past two weeks iConcertCal has been downloaded over 9000 times and that number continues to climb quickly! Thanks to everyone for the emails and blogs!

In the meantime, we have been working hard on the next version of iConcertCal and it should be available later this week. Just a glimpse into some of the improved features to come in the new version: international concert listings and a radius search to indicate how far around your city to search. The next version will also contain a number of important bug fixes that will make iConcertCal much more stable. Thanks to everyone who sent us info about bugs they found in version 1.0.

Also, we are happy to announce that JamBase.com has graciously offered iConcertCal an easy way to check its very large database for upcoming concerts! Which brings up the important point, that if you want iConcertCal to tell people about upcoming shows for your band/venue/label, then we recommend that you submit your concert info directly to JamBase.com/addshow/.

12/19/2006: Release v1.0

We are happy to announce iConcertCal Version 1.0. Over the last few weeks we have fixed numerous bugs. Thanks to all the Beta testers who have helped find those bugs.

12/02/2006: Beta Release v0.1!

After several months of programming, we are excited to release Beta Version 0.1 of iConcertCal. We are hoping you will contact us with any bugs, comments and/or suggestions. Please don't hesitate, we want to do anything we can to improve iConcertCal!